“Good place to get your aviation license and practice.”

– John B.

“SpanaFlight has a very nice FBO and their owner Doug Miller is a very hospitable guy. Their instructors are also very professional. I stopped by to train one of their instructors in an M350 for one of my clients. I also own a Flight School in Florida and can honestly say SpanaFlight knows their stuff when it comes to customer service. Their facilities were organized, clean, and very welcoming.”

– DiverCharlie

“Mechanics are spot on and professional. The owner goes over and above for customer service. Highly recommend Spanaflight for you mechanical needs.”

– Scott Barnes

“I flew in from California (KSTS). I wasn’t renting their aircraft or using their services. Yet they let my niece and nephew stay in their lobby, made them feel very welcome, made the computer available to them and even offered them food and drink while they waited their turn for me to take them up in my borrowed sportsman 2+2 (in 2 seat config. so one at a time including dad) Overall a very nice and tidy operation that place, with good friendly staff!”

– Karlo

“Spanaflight helped us take our long time pilot father into the skies again! It was a dream come true for dad. They were incredibly helpful in scheduling and their ‘can do’ attitude about getting him in the plane was above expectations. He had an amazing time during the flight. We haven’t seen him glow so bright in a long time. Thank you so so so much SPANAFLIGHT!!”

– Beverly Hendricks

“It’s a very nice place with professional people directing it. It’s a nice place to test at.”

– C.J. Fahnestock

“Great place, staff was knowledgeable and really helpful when I was working at getting my pilot’s license. They went the extra mile to make sure I was well trained and well taken care of every time I went in there. Can’t say enough about them, did a great job teaching me and taking care of the aircraft.
Thank you!”

– Dimitri Larson