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Aircraft Maintenance

We specialize in high performance singles and twins! Standard shop rate is $115 per hour. Call us for more information!

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SpanaFlight maintenance has been in the business of aircraft repair for over 40 years. Our mechanics are qualified to meet the needs of a wide range of customers from owners of high performance singles to multi-engine airplanes. Three of our mechanics are AIs and have been to Cessna High Performance Single school, Cessna Multi-Engine school, Mooney school, and various other related training schools. You can feel confident that we will get the job done properly the first time.


SpanaFlight maintenance has built a reputation along the west coast as being truly professional. Our mechanics are honest, efficient, and have always had a friendly relationship with our customers. Many of our clients are returning customers because they have been treated fairly and the work done on their aircraft was second to none.


SpanaFlight maintenance goes out of its way to please its customers. Our pilots fly our customers to pick up their airplane or fly them back to their airport if they need to leave their airplane overnight at no extra charge. After the airplane is repaired, our line crew washes the outside and details the inside so that our customers walk away satisfied.

Preferred Customer Plan

Our Preferred Customer Plan means that SpanaFlight maintenance customers can get discounts on annual maintenance by referring new customers. Call for details.